Participation Medals are for Losers

Have you been told you’re special? Have you been given a medal even though you didn’t win? The real world doesn’t give medals for losing. They can give my 7-year-old daughter a soccer trophy win or lose, but you won’t be getting any trophy when you fail to make a sale in life. In my office, I don’t give out last place medals. I don’t even give out second-place medals because if you’re not first, you’re last. It’s gold or nothing.

My sales managers understand this, so they all train to be #1. Look, I know the truth, no one likes training. No one wants to drill closes or rehearse greetings any more than athletes enjoy waking up at 5 AM to start a full day of training. Everyone loves results, though. Everyone loves closing a deal or getting a gold medal. But those results cannot happen consistently without training.

So how do you train for greatness as a sales person?

1. Train Daily

You wouldn’t expect to win any medals training once a week or once a month. Winners train daily and you need to as well. One of my sales managers, Steve Spray, was a guy a couple of years ago I wanted to fire probably at least 6 times but my VP of sales talked me out of it. He kept training daily and I was wrong about him. He was 1st place for the year in sales my office for 2016.

2. Be Confident

Instead of sweating and worrying if you’ll have what it takes—when you’ve trained consistently—you’ll be relaxed and confident knowing that you’ve prepared for this moment. When that difficult customer walks in, you won’t be stumbling over yourself, you’ll be prepared and will find a way to make the moment work. Natasha Brooks is another sales manager of mine who has done her training and is confident. She’s been stacking up sales every month. Natasha is living proof that when it comes to sales, gender doesn’t determine success. She was my top salesperson in January 2017, above a team of men.

3. Push Your Limits

If you stay in your comfort zone and never try to reach new heights, you will never reach greatness. Keep learning new closes, go and find some difficult clients, make sure that there’s something that you’re always trying to push harder for. Mike Bonnett is a sales manager of mine that works like an animal. He’ll admit he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he gets outstanding success month after month. He was my top salesperson in February 2017. He makes a game out of it, and when you start doing that, work no longer feels like “work”.

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