Gary Cardone & Grant Cardone

In this Show

CEO and Co-founder of Chargebacks911 Gary Cardone, twin brother of Grant, comes on “Confessions of an Entrepreneur” and talks about his biggest mistakes. Grant says that there are serial entrepreneurs and then there are lifer entrepreneurs. Gary is a lifer. He started out selling bananas for 18 months and learned from that experience that he could sell anything. In this episode he tells about his $150 million dollar mistake, taking too much time to get things done, underestimating his own ability, and paying attention to your own environment.

If you are a home-run hitter why are you trying to bunt? Don’t try and be something you aren’t. Gary Cardone also emphasizes the need to be willing to fail.

  • Seth Williams

    Of all the interviews I have seen you do Grant, it was so apparent how much respect you have have for that man. Gary has some deep deep wisdom. Beyond tactics, it was awesome to hear the spiritual connection he has with his work. Thank you both.

  • Harold Tavarez

    “Learn more by association then you do with money”