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My biggest mistake hasn’t been a bad product but a bad mindset. I didn’t go big enough, fast enough. Most companies fail not because they stay on the offensive, but because they don’t properly prepare themselves for expansion and cannot dominate the sector. The idea of constant, unwavering expansion is counter to what you are told to do to succeed and is even unpopular; however, it will separate you from the rest of the pack more than any other single activity.

How many bad business mistakes have you had? Have you ever thought you had a great idea only to watch it tank? People make bad business moves every day. It happens when you don’t think things through clearly. Somebody from Lowe’s once thought it would be a good idea to make doormats with an image of the American flag on it.

Look, a bad idea won’t kill you. Lowe’s is still doing ok. What kills is having the wrong mindset to begin with. You have the wrong mindset if you are looking to compete—not dominate. I wasted so many years competing with others in my space. I was brought up to believe that competition was a good thing. If you’re tired of not having enough money left over, take the idea of competition and replace it with domination. You want to dominate your space. You want others to compete with you, but you don’t want to compete with them.

To dominate you’ll have to do the things that others refuse to do.

Today I’ve sent out 32 text messages, 8 snap chats, and it’s before 9am as I write this. My competition doesn’t do that. Have everyone around you quit saying you do too much, go too fast, work too hard, that you’re everywhere, willing to do stuff they can’t do, and let them resign.

Once you start, quit being a start-up. Spank this day. If you don’t push yourself, somebody else will. Even if you push yourself, somebody or something else will. It feels good to push. I wake up every morning and want to sleep more but I push myself to get up, go downstairs, and go to the gym. Domination takes work and skilling up.

At 25 years old I had to borrow 3K from my mom to buy a training program. I invested in myself and it began to transform me.

Any investment you make in yourself will be good business. Borrow from your mom if you have to, but get your Playbook to Millions today and start dominating. It’s bad business to compete, to not expand rapidly and go big, and it’s bad business to NOT dominate.

Get your Playbook to Millions today.  The price is $500 now for those who order early.  Later this year I’ll be selling this thing for $5,000.

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