Something that isn’t working won’t last forever. In the next 20 years, the world of brick and mortar Universities is going to be shaken.

More and more people are turning to online technology for education. It’s easier to be one-click away from information. People don’t want to be fed a business or marketing curriculum that was put together in 1986. Things are changing so fast today. A year ago Meerkat was exploding onto the scene as one of the first video streaming platforms—now it’s already gone. Today SnapChat is all the rage. How long any of these platforms last is anybody’s guess, but the thing nobody needs is an education from a bygone era.

Learn from the past. Don’t be controlled by it.

Universities have to understand the shelf-life of any curriculum they have is not long. As the world changes, students need current and relevant information. Isn’t success—how to get it and maintain it—a necessary thing to learn? This is why so many kids dislike school—it’s not solving a problem for them. I know for a fact that Cardone University is worth more than an education at Harvard, Yale, and Cornell. They don’t teach the stuff that I teach. You go to one of those schools and all you get is debt. Go to mine and you’ll learn to make money.

You can get a diploma anywhere, but diplomas don’t get you rich. There are millionaires being made every day in this country, and I’ve outlined step-by-step how you can get there just as I did. The only textbook you need right now is the Millionaire Booklet—and it’s only about 30 pages. And it’s not $399 like your Math book, it’s $5.

You don’t need a 4.0 GPA this year—you need 4 million dollars. You can have everything you want in life if you just learn how to sell. The knowledge that you’ve received from your education teaches you that the middle class is where people should set their target and you should buy a home, get a decent job, and settle down with $50k to $70k for the next 30 years. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Nobody likes to be lied to. Why didn’t they teach you that you should—that you need—to get rich? Why does the educational system not have courses teaching you real solutions to real world problems? Why were you never taught how to actually make money? Look, if you feel you didn’t get educated properly and now feel trapped, I am offering you a solution. You don’t have to be perpetually squeezed financially in the middle class. There is a way out.

Get on Cardone University and I will give you the education you should have received. If you know a recent grad, get this for them as a graduation gift—a way for them to continue their education. I guarantee you it’s relevant, practical, and it will solve your real world problems.

My cloud based University will never be obsolete because I’m always updating it. Just this week I put in a new Customer Service module featuring two courses—23 videos—totaling an hour and a half of new content.

Check out a few of the other course offerings for yourself:

• Selling Basics
• Understanding the Buyer
• The Sales Process
• Theory of Closing
• Closing Strategies
• Incoming Calls
• Prospecting
• Follow-Up
• Follow-Up Tool
Master the Cold Call (NEW)
• Customer Service (NEW)
• 100 Ways to Stay Motivated
• Top Traits of Great Salespeople
• Internet Response
• Personal Finance (NEW)
• Handling Objections
• Live Workshops
• Live Weekly Mastermind Coaching Call (NEW)
• And more…

When will you get your financial house in order? When will you become a millionaire? When will you stop living paycheck to paycheck and when will you stop being worried about money? If something causes you fear, it’s because you don’t understand it. If you aren’t a millionaire it’s because you don’t know how to make a million dollars. What you need is knowledge. I’m offering you all the things you need to know to have success on this planet.

Don’t let anyone tell you that money won’t bring you happiness.

They don’t have any real wealth so how would they know? Wealth will give you choices that you only dream about today. Wealth will give you freedom, the kind of freedom that lets you live on your terms and your schedule. I’m offering this $19,215 education for $995 to individuals—REGISTER HERE. The cost of my education is not high right now because I want to help as many people as I can, but it is a commitment you must make.

Nothing of great value is cheap. What more can I do for you to get you on Cardone University TODAY? If you aren’t yet on Cardone U, please comment below and tell me what is holding you back from pulling the trigger. If you are on it, tell everyone your experience.

Be great, because nothing else PAYS.