Our Economic Planet: Here is how you can learn to love money as much as the wealthy do

Planet Earth is made up of many different elements such as molten rocks, dirt, metal—and probably a lot of other stuff that I missed in high school Science. What my high school teacher failed to teach the class was that Earth is primarily an economic planet. School also failed to teach me that economics doesn’t care about the color of your skin, your religion, your level of education, your intentions, or the goodness in your heart.

Simple fact, it takes money to get stuff done in this world.

To get groceries, to hire people, to be able to be charitable, and to take your company public—it all takes money! That’s why paying attention to and getting money must become your obsession. You need money. You need to dominate money or it will dominate you and your business.

Here are 3 ways to get your money right on this economic planet.

1. Set Priorities in Order: Too many people spend money on stupid things that in no way fuel their obsession. And then they hesitate when it comes time to invest money in things that will create more money. Is it any surprise that people with the smallest goals in life have the biggest problems with money? Look at how the people around you treat money and you will begin to see what I mean. A CFO says she is worth her $100,000 salary because of her experience, then constantly complains about salespeople making too much money. Which is worth more, counting the money or getting new money?

Managers of departments see nothing wrong with spending business owners’ money on depreciating items like desks and computers without even taking the time to get a second bid but then ask accounting departments to spend 30 minutes of their time trying to find missing airport parking receipts to make sure the company reimburses $15.

Priorities are so screwed up when it comes to money, at so many levels, it’s no surprise most companies never make any money. I used to work at an oil refinery field in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and I would watch guys work dangerous jobs, putting their lives at risk for twelve-hour shifts. And as soon as they would get their paychecks, they’d blow through all the money they’d earned in one Friday night. It was amazing. These guys kept talking about how they should be paid more and would work overtime to get paid time and a half—then they would sit in a bar, complaining about being underpaid and overworked and spending their money as if it meant nothing to them.

One of the reasons I’m successful is that I’ve always been obsessed with taking care of my finances and made money a priority.

2. Talk About It: I’m transparent and open about wanting more money, ever since I was a little kid. I’ve always wanted to be rich. A lot of people would tell me—and they still do—that it was wrong to want so much and even more wrong to talk about such things. “Never talk about money,” my mother said to me so many times. Why? We live on an economic planet!

This has been the experience of many, though—we are taught not to talk about money, so it’s no wonder so many don’t have any or have just enough to constantly fret about it. I will never apologize for wanting to get my money stable, secure, and indestructible. I make it clear to my family, my employees, and my customers that I want lots of money.

You need to make it clear to the world that you want money and are willing to talk openly about it.

I remember once I was working with a customer who was complaining about the price I was offering. I said to him, “Money is important to my ability to succeed and service you. You want me to do well, don’t you? Great! Sign right here.” I didn’t apologize for my price or the company’s need for money. I will never apologize for wanting money—and I am going to talk about it.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your family about finances, and never avoid talking about money as if it’s taboo.

3. Look Where It Is: When your finances aren’t in order, you worry constantly about shortages. If you aren’t making money or are just making enough to barely get by, you are doing money wrong. Money is like a jealous lover. Pay attention to it or it will leave you for those who will.

If you have accounts with money in them, put that money to work. If you have assets or inventory that are worth money, put those assets to work making you money. Start cutting whatever you can cut and be quick about it. Once you’re done with those cuts, you can spend the rest of your time expanding and monetizing the valuable things in your life and in your company.

I treat my companies like produce stands. My thought is, “What do I have to exchange with the marketplace today that might be spoiled or no good tomorrow?” Do I have coaches and consultants not working this month whom I can get into the marketplace, earning dollars? Do we have products sitting on our shelves that we need to get into the market, providing cash surpluses so we can continue to grow? Once you cut waste, never look at that again, and instead focus on increasing income. You can’t grow your company by making it smaller.

You should be aware of where your finances are, how they are working for you, and what you can do to cut waste.

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Be great,


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