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Growing up I was actually homeless twice. Homeless by definition means: “lack of permanent housing”. There are varying degrees of homelessness. Some worse than others. Fortunately, my story was never life threatening. However that is not the case for some. You see, I live in Anchorage, Alaska, where it is currently 11 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Imagine sleeping outside in a tent or box when it is 11 degrees. My wife and I have literally seen a local ambulance picking up a dead body of a homeless individual who froze to death overnight. Homelessness is a symptom along with many other symptoms of which the root is unemployment. My city, Anchorage, was just ranked the 5th most dangerous city in the United States (click here if you don’t believe it) with Alaska as a state being ranked the most dangerous state in the nation (again click here if that is hard to believe).

Unemployment is the root of homelessness, violent crimes, murders, robberies, property crimes, and assault cases; all of which Alaska leads the nation in for per 100,000. Why is unemployment the root? Because mankind was created to work. We must be productive. And when we are not productive, we begin to get bored. Whenever I’ve begun to get bored, I usually get in trouble. Here is the issue: we have all been endowed with a powerful energy that gives us life. When that energy is not focused on constructive things, it leads to destructive things. The mistake being made is labeling these individuals as “homeless” and making it more comfortable for them to remain homeless. The solution lies in placing them back in the workforce.

Operation R3born is the combined effort of Cliff Goughnour with Alaska Management Group, Shawn Idom with Hair Science Barber Shop and Barber School, Matthew Lindsay with Precision Home Group, and myself, Jerry Fetta, with Wealth DynamX. We have decided that something can be done about the homeless situation in our city.

Feeding. Grooming. Empowering. On February 11th from 11 am to 3 pm at Hair Science Barber Shop on the corner of 15th and C here in Anchorage, Operation: R3born will have a food truck (AJ’s BBQ) to give free food to the homeless and at risk youth in our community so we can draw attention off of minute-by-minute survival to put attention on the future. The staff at Hair Science Barber Shop will be giving free haircuts to each individual that has been fed and while the cuts are going on, we will be training each person with Cardone University on how to get a job, market oneself, and sell. We will also help each person create a resume and submit job applications.

This event will happen monthly and turn into a full out job fair for those within the at risk youth and homeless community in our city!

How can you help? Proudly, the 4 companies who created this movement, including myself, have the project 100% funded out of our own profits. We need awareness! Please share this story, like and share our Facebook page (click here), and tell as many people as possible about this event.

We are responsible for ourselves and the communities we live in. We have all been guilty of judging, criticizing, and looking down upon these very people. The truth is, it takes the same energy to judge as it does to help. The amount of talent and potential that lives inside each and every person who comes to this event simply needs to be dusted off, encouraged, and given something better do to. A person who can get through being homeless in Anchorage, Alaska can get through anything. They just don’t know it yet. I want to thank you in advance. Please email directly at Jerry@wealthxpro.com if you’d like to help promote and share this event or if you would simply like to learn more.

Own Your Potential,
Jerry Fetta
Jerry Fetta believes everyone has the God-given right to own their potential. Most of us don’t because we spend 40 hours per week serving the 40 year to life sentence, trading our precious time for worthless paper called money.
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