Believe it or not, many of the people who find success with my programs are not in the field of “sales”. This is because those in the field of sales are not the only ones who need to sell. The truth is, everyone on planet earth uses selling every day.

You must learn to get agreement from others to be successful in life.

The dictionary defines sales as, “the action of persuading or influencing another to a course of action or to the acceptance of something.” Your ability to sell, persuade, and convince others affects every area of your life. I was not born a salesman—I was born a baby just like you.

If you want to have a family you’ve got to persuade the person to take an interest in you, then you have to find out what they want and what makes them happy. Then you have to produce it and keep producing it. It takes sales skills to sell another person on the idea that you’re the one that he or she can trust to create a life with.


Cardone University has literally changed my life. Business increased 20% from last month. It is true, the best investment you can make is an investment in yourself.” – Marianne Renucci Luce


“Hi Grant, I just wanted to say your book, The 10X Rule, is the BEST book I have ever read (and I have read a lot of business and personal development books!!) I finished and I am going to read it again right away. I love your attitude and the book is engaging and funny. You were the first person too, who made me feel normal and that it’s ok for being how I am (driven, ambitions, always wanting more, always setting more goals, wanting to create wealth, not really wanting to ‘relax’) and that it’s not something I should play down. I will start taking 10X action and not feel as though I have to hide it like I usually do. Huge thanks from London!! You have a new fan I have signed up to your mailing list so look forward to hearing about any upcoming London events.” – Natasha

“Hi Grant, I want to thank you for inspiring me and motivating me to achieve my target for the year. I brought in a deal today worth €37K profit and about €140,000 revenue. Which brought me to my target for the year and there is still time left in the year to bring in more! I will be buying all of your books! You talk absolute sense and truth and it helped me realize what I needed to do to achieve more in my job. I’m now top sales person in my office in Dublin, Ireland. Thank you!” – Shirley


“Grant, I’m listening to your Sell or Be Sold CDs and loving it while driving my brand new Jeep Cherokee – I bought the product I’m selling and like you said, it was too expensive, over-budget, and my monthly notes are more than I had planned on spending. The upside is I’m so enthusiastic about it – I sold the other two Jeep Cherokees we had in stock to two best friends, then I bought mine – I sold Ms. Linda a white one on 9/11/14, she told Ms. Shelia and referred her to me – I sold her a gray one on 9/16/14 and I bought mine on 9/29/14. My Sales Manager tells me – “Joy, please pay attention to the road and quit playing with all the fun, new features on your Jeep.” Grant – I’m positive your CDs will boost my sales. My fervent prayer is for God to bless you, your wife and your children with continued success and health. Be Blessed.” – Joy from Johnson Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

It doesn’t matter if you are not in sales, because you need to learn how to sell in life. Get on Cardone University and get your skills on point today. Get your aunt, your wife, your sister, and the other ladies in your life on the program and bring them more success—I guarantee it.