This One Trick Increases Productivity – Tim Clark

  • Your spreadsheets are preventing your business from growing
  • An IBM study shows that 90% of mission-critical spreadsheets contain 1 or more human errors. And in most cases, the attempts to correct these errors actually introduced new errors.
  • 3 types of errors in spreadsheets: functional, outlier, stealth
  • Grant Cardone teaches that “the best decisions are made based on information”. Grant introduced information-assisted selling to the marketplace. If the information is wrong in your spreadsheet, you and your customers are not making the best decisions.
  • The smart approach is to use relational databases, such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL. Not only do increase accuracy, but also speed, performance, and fault tolerance. Also lets to web and mobile applications.
  • At Nikos we specialize in using Amazon Web Services to design high-quality relational databases for our customers.
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