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If you are using off the shelf software, meaning something that you paid less money for, and it’s something that many other companies have the same exact of; you are declaring that your company has no need to reinvent the wheel as we call it. In some cases this may be correct, but if your business is offering at least one thing different from others like it, chances are you need custom software. As Grant Cardone would say, “don’t compete with your industry, dominate it”.

If a business owner is looking to expand or sell their business, having a custom platform can make the processes more uniform and standard across all tasks.  An expanding business requires consistency between all locations for most efficient production. Creating a single platform for all franchises will allow for more fluid communication and processing between individuals, managers, and the company as a whole.

Custom software can allow all employees to learn how to use one platform, eliminating concerns over who will be able to do tasks if the only person who knows the software leaves.

By using software tailor-made for them, businesses can work more efficiently and can invest the funds into improvements, products, and other needs. Custom software can also allow a business to serve customers more completely and quickly, which can allow for more company growth.

With off the shelf or outdated software, you have limitations. Limitations on what functions you can do and in what capacity you can use this software.  For instance if you open or start serving in a different location. You can’t customize forms, you typical cannot create or customize business reports, and once your data is in a standard software it is difficult to retrieve that data for another format.

Nikos Computer Engineering, can assess the software you have, and determine if changes and updates can be made to your existing software. In some cases, you may need to build this from the ground up. Your business may also now require a new function for which you may need a more complex software to add to your existing software. Here at Nikos we offer a free consultation to assess your needs, available through


Tim Clark is the founder of Nikos Computer Engineering and is a Certified Amazon Web Services Developer and Solutions Architect. Nikos utilizes AWS to develop software solutions for small businesses using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding. To learn more and to get started visit Also like and follow us on social media. Nikos Computer Engineering







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