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No One Will Determine Your Success but YOU

In this Show

Grant Cardone: The world does not care if you succeed or fail. There is no God looking over you to see if you either fail or succeed. I know some of you are going to hit me on this. You are going to call my office and say “now that wasn’t right, Grant.”

Look if God is looking over both teams that go into battle, both side are going to go into battle and both sides are praying to God “help our team, help our team.” One side is not getting help or God has his hands full with more important things than your game, your life, your business, you clients, your reach for success—whatever that means. The truth is, the universe, the work, the angels, the Gods, the higher power is not focus on your success or failures. there are too many good people that fail and there is too many bad people that succeed at least in one area of their life. Just keep an open mind right now, the reality is there is more people pulling against you than are pulling for you. All the people that have quick dreaming are pulling against you, don you understand that. All the people that are selling another product are pulling against you. The media is pulling against you because they are trying to keep the attention of the consumer in a sofa, on sofa, in a chair doing nothing. See, the world doesn’t care wether you succeed or fail. You are the only one that cares. That means you need to care a lot. there is nobody protecting you or looking over you. I know too many great people that pray everyday, they don’t have the success they need, the success they deserve and the success they want. The world doesn’t care if you success or fail. It’s up to you, it’s up you and only you. You have to push harder than all the people pushing agains’t you.

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