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Two stories of people like you and me who took their life from average to 10X

I want to talk to you about two people today who came to the 10X Growth Conference in Miami earlier this year; Melissa Lowe and Hanson Le. Hanson Le started visualizing his ideal, dream life and made no apologies about it. He wanted a nice sports car, multiple luxurious penthouses and properties, a six figure residual income, traveling every 3 months, giving back to charity, having an awesome dating life and then meeting an amazing woman, speaking on stage to share his knowledge, building lasting and meaningful relationships, and leaving a huge legacy for years beyond his life.

Sound too good to be true? Hanson is one of many who wants to rise above the norm and achieve massive goals. One of his goals is to dunk a basketball. Don’t worry about the fact that he’s 5’7.

Those are the kind of 10X goals you get when you start networking and meeting people who want you to dream bigger. I believe Hanson will dunk one day if he keeps that goal in front of him every single day. As Hanson says,

“10XGrowthCon puts you in a different state of mind. Speaking with top income earners and what they do and how they earn their income, it’s just great to see them reminding me I too can reach new heights.”

Hanson has better networking skills, more knowledge, and great new friends — the kind of friends who don’t want him to settle in his life. That’s the kind of weekend Hanson had at the 10XGrowthCon in 2017 — just imagine what it will do for you.

Watch the video below to hear more of Hanson’s experience at 10XGrowthCon.

Melissa Lowe does woodworking and is looking to live a life she can be proud of. To do that, you must get to the next level of whatever it is you’re doing — and to do that you must think and act in a wildly different way than you previously have been. Having been a frequent viewer of The G&E Show, my wife Elena became her mentor. She realized she needed to take a chance to expand her life to become more prosperous, so she invested in 10XGrowthCon.

“You don’t need a pant suit for the information to affect you. Stay-at-home moms, kids, it doesn’t matter. This conference is for anyone.”

Melissa is now mapping out her ideal scene and doing things with a purpose to achieve that perfect life — what I call The 10X Super Life.

Watch this video of Melissa giving some of the life lessons she got from 10XGrowthCon.

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