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4 Easy Steps to Never Quit on Your Goals Again – Young Hustlers

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How many of you have ever quit on your goals. Right now the gyms are full. Diets are in full swing. But most people will quit or lower their target by the second week of February. What would happen if you never quit again? Use these four steps to never quit on your goals:

1) Recommit to your target over and over: Recommit daily no matter how down you are. Write down your target and why you want to achieve it. Elon Musk tells himself everyday, “we’re going to Mars.”

2) Hold it together for short periods of time: 24 hours. A day. A week. It doesn’t have to be forever. Work in short intervals to prove to yourself that you can stick to it. If you fall off track, repeat step 1. I “quit” drugs thousands of times until I gave it up for good. Don’t focus on when you don’t get it right. Just start again. You’ll eventually get it right if you keep your goal in front of you.

3) Have something to look forward to: See your future then back it with resources. Look ahead. A destination. A place where you want to go. The nascar driver doesn’t stare at the rocks, he focuses on where he wants to go. You don’t have to like it. You just need to see something down the road.

4) You need someone to hold you accountable: It’s not going to be your mom—you need a Tim Grover or Lewis Howes. Someone that is doing big things that you can use to measure your level of activity. No one has ever made it by themselves. You need a team to do big things. Christopher Columbus had a team. Stop trying to take on the world by yourself. Do what the greats do and surround yourself with a team that will hold you accountable.

Feed your goals everyday by following these four steps. To never quit you have to replace trying with doing. It’s better to be careless than careful. When you are careful you spend too much time thinking about decisions instead of actually doing. The rewards are always greater for action than planning the best strategy to accomplish your goals. Ask yourself, what time is it? The answer is now.