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Never Lower Your Ethics – Jerry Fetta

Last week, Wealth DynamX set an all-time record for staff training. Wealth DynamX believes that the opportunity they provide for their staff is the single greatest Wealth determining a factor for the company, for their clients, and for their staff as well. The company culture is centered around helping the staff flourish and prosper in life and as a byproduct, the clients will experience better service and the company will expand.

In a time where most people are working in jobs they don’t really like just because they need to pay the bills, Wealth DynamX is focused on making the career they offer to their staff a passion and a way to create Wealth by working for the company. Most jobs do not offer an opportunity for growth, whereas Wealth DynamX only promotes from within the company. Their staff gets exclusive opportunities to grow within the company. This provides opportunity and true fulfillment. It is a common occurrence that their staff sees growth personally, professionally, and with higher levels of income and production after working there.

From Day 1 all new staff receives training on how to win at Wealth DynamX. Orientation covers what we do for people, how we help, what the company structure looks like, who the executives and owners are, and where the individual is in relation to all of that. They are made familiar with their teammates and clients as well on this step. This helps the person feel comfortable and at home in the office and in the company itself.

Next, Wealth DynamX teammates are given access to a course on how to increase their own ability to learn and retain information. It is quite the investment, but as stated by the owner quite frequently, “we don’t want an army of idiots”. Wealth DynamX would rather spend more money up front to train people that might leave than to keep and retain larger amounts of staff who are untrained and incompetent. Once staff understands better how to learn and retain, they are oriented with the company.

Each teammate will then get access to Cardone University. Staff is required to train on 6 segments per day to get better at sales, customer service, leadership, communication, and how to achieve top levels of performance. This is one of the main products Wealth DynamX offers to its clients and so the staff serve as a walking advertisement of what a well-trained salesperson and employee look and acts like.

Until recently, this was the extent of the formalized staff training. In the month of September, a new level was added that trains staff on how to become better at being a teammate in a company. This goes over basic policies, being on time, working hard, honesty, integrity, ethics, and trustworthiness. It also covers how to handle common workplace situations such as employees leaving, gossip, negativity in the workplace, and criticism. The goal is to equip their teammates with tools to win as people first and then win at the technical skills of the job.

Last week, every single person on Wealth DynamX staff passed through this level. The result is that the company’s expansion is at an all-time high and being promoted more than ever!

In fact, the Wealth DynamX comp plan is based on 2 facets: Do More & Get Better. Staff receives 3 pay raises for passing training and education courses that help them get better. Once they have achieved all 3 levels the only way for them to increase income is to do more. This means more production of the thing they were hired to do. If they’re in sales, they sell more. If they’re in customer service, they service more of their clients. All staff is on a payment plan that is uncapped and based on production. This puts the staff in charge of their income and allows them to gain security by receiving pay increases by passing the continuing education. It also provides unlimited upside based on their ability to produce.

Wealth DynamX is proud of its team and is expanding right now! Wealth DynamX is looking for salespeople who want to work in a rewarding environment that is based on improvement and production. These salespeople will receive world-class training, including Cardone University, and a lucrative pay plan. Most importantly they will be working for a company that truly cares about their improvement as individuals and helping accomplish the Wealth DynamX mission of helping billions of people gain the ability to treat money like oxygen. If you’d like to apply to work with Wealth DynamX click here.

Own Your Potential,

Jerry Fetta