Often it is the deal that you don’t walk away from that can cost you. But many people walk away from deals forever when they shouldn’t.  Today, I want to share with you several things you should not be doing, but one thing you should never ever, ever do when it comes to walking away from a deal.

#1 Don’t have a small pipeline.

If you find yourself unable to walk away from any deals, your pipeline isn’t big enough. You hold onto nothing because you have nothing to go to. You are scratching for crumbs. You need to pick up the phone! Only those who have no other options are afraid to walk away from a deal.

#2 Don’t burn any bridges.

Be professional on the way out: Don’t hang up or tell them off if you don’t get what you want. You never know what can happen in the future. Accept responsibility for the outcome of the deal! How often do salespeople blame the customer for the lack of a deal. It always starts with you. You might be disappointed, but stay polite!

#3 Don’t quit.

When you walk away from a deal it doesn’t mean you are quitting the deal. If the deal is dead, think about how to nurture it in the future. I’ll text a guy and say, “thinking of you today”. You never know when you might be able to resurrect something. If the client isn’t going to buy now that doesn’t mean he won’t buy in the future!

#4 Never ever say no—until you absolutely have to.

To really go at it in life and in business, you have to say yes to everything. It’s something you’ll see successful people do time and again—not because they can but because they choose to say yes. They eagerly engage in life and realize that the word “yes” has more life and possibilities in it—and is clearly so much more positive than “no.”

When a client asks me to do something, I say, “Yes, I will be happy to/would love to/want to make it work for you.” I have a saying: “I never say no until I have to.” It’s a great way to tell someone no (that is, if you absolutely must). When given an option to do or not do something, always say yes!

Hope this helps,