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Nely Galan & Grant Cardone

In this Show

Grant Cardone speaks with Nely Galan, the Latina media dynamo and women’s empowerment advocate, dubbed the “Tropical Tycoon” by The New York Times Magazine.

Nely Galan loves entrepreneurship and wants to motivate Latina women, the largest growing demographic in United States.

At the age of 10, when her family was struggling, she saw a neighbor selling Avon and set a 50/50 split for sales—she made $200 cash in the first week of school. She used it to pay for her tuition and realized the power of entrepreneurship and money. A few years later she was a small station manager in New York and unbeknownst to her the owners sold the company. She was livid because the station had become like a child to her, but she was compensated with a $350k cut.

Watch or listen to the full episode to hear what she does to turn that $350,000 into her current empire.

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