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Negotiation Strategies – Young Hustlers

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Negotiation Strategies. Young Hustlers

You don’t get what’s fair in life, but what you negotiate. In today’s show, Grant and Jarrod show you the power of implementing options as part of your negotiation strategy.

Instead of discounting an offer, use other pieces of products or inventory – giving options.

The problem most people will face with this approach is that they don’t have multiple products or services to do this with. Because of this most people deal on price and move down, instead of up.

Every deal should have options, three choices. When you develop these approaches, you create parameters and block extraneous outliers from your negotiations.

Here are some simple strategies on how to use alternatives to help people make a decision:

1. Always use options
2. Keep buyers logical, not emotional
3. Take them to zero (this is the state when the prospect doesn’t do anything)

The proven fact is if you make one offer and you don’t have an alternative it’s hard to make that sale.

Some misconceptions about having options:
-People don’t give multiple options because they think they’ll confuse their buyer.
-People are naïve and think the buyer will take the first offer.

The bottom line is that alternatives, or options, give you the opportunity to serve the customer better and gives them a reason to do business with you.

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