Negotiating Mistakes

Grant Cardone Negotiating Mistakes Periscope Meerkat

Grant Cardone Negotiating Mistakes Periscope Meerkat

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  • Ranjeet Raghav

    Good One.
    Specially the idea of making people weaker.
    Agree, 100%!!

  • disqus_v5EtfByGUJ

    Yes, affordable healthcare makes you a “slave”. I am starting to lose confidence in Grant.

    • Jared Rentz

      Hey, I missed the part about Grant saying affordable healthcare made you a slave. Could you elaborate on that more?

    • Drake Miller

      Well, Grant doesn’t want you to be a slave by living off the government and depending on them.

  • Mike

    It’s hilarious how you identify a problem in each of your posts and then the solution is that your readers can buy something from you that fixes the problem! You’re losing me with the constant peddling of your products Grant.

    • Rocky

      I commented about this very thing in a post last week Mike. Grant has some good things to say, but I don’t like to be sold all the time. You may want to check out Monty Campbell’s blog. He has a lot of good wealth-building material on his blog but without all the self-promotion stuff.

    • Jared Rentz

      I agree, If someone had a cure for a terminal disease that someone in your family may have had, it would be wrong of them to tell you were to get treatment.

  • Roger Voshall

    Grant please disregard all of the negative comments you make. I just started following you as of today. I am listening to your videos to become more financially independent. I thank God for you and your sharing of your success.

    • Roger

      I am sorry I meant the negative comments made about you.

  • jp

    I’m confused, I have read and studied almost every method of sales skills there is, nearly every motivational speaker about personal growth. There are some methods that Grant speaks of I have heard before, just in a different context. I consider myself extremely valuable in my field because I have more knowledge about sales and closing strategies than all of my coworkers combined. That being said I also have not seen anyone with the energy like Grant. I have been selling for 20 years, I am an agressive style, been spit on, punched, had stuff thrown at me due to my style, ending up in a handshake and a sale. Two things that I will mention, if you have anything negative to say about Grants methods you are missing the point, if you dont agree with that you are in the wrong business.
    Two, as much as I have studied every day, for many years, his comments about the middle class struck a nerve, I was misled about the american dream also, i’m not as smart as I thought I was because until the past year, I worked the same job for 12 years, making the same money, the economy went from I was middle class to poverty to dirt poor, at 44 years old I will smoke these younger guys in sales just because they are a joke.
    My point is, get the knowledge, after that use it, get more, use that too, eventually you will stop whining about how people talk about you, and get results in whatever field you choose. And if self promotion is so bad with todays marketing, remember stop looking at your stupid smartphone and make eye contact before I slap it out of your hand.