My one-on-one with Grant Cardone by Lance Smith

This was originally posted by Lance Smith 10 days ago about his experience meeting with me:

I invested in the lifetime access to Grant Cardone’s Cardone University several months ago. It came with the opportunity of doing a one on one with him personally, either in person or through skype. How many of you would love to have a 15–30-minute one-on-one with someone as successful as him? To talk about anything you want?

Prior to the One on One

April 12th, 2017 at 10 am CST, was the date and time scheduled for this one on one. I woke up early, set up my computer, made sure skype was working, made sure my microphone was working. I spent time testing the audio and video making sure it would not feedback since I was using a large diaphragm condenser microphone. On top of that, I ran numbers for my monthly and year income and figured out how much I made 4th quarter of 2016 and 1st quarter of 2017 with his affiliate program. I figured I should be prepared with figures if it comes up. Honest…I was nervous.

A lot of self-doubts were going through my mind.

  • I don’t have my own product.
  • I don’t actually have my own business. I work the 9–5 and have little things I do on the side.
  • I am just going to waste his time.
  • I don’t know what to ask that would be valuable to Grant, and myself.
  • I already know what he is going to say, for the most part.
  • I’m ashamed of how broke I am, and I know this is going to come up in the conversation.
  • I really haven’t succeeded with his affiliate program.

The Interview

The call was delayed to 10:30 am CST due to running a little late on a couple other calls. That didn’t bother me, I was actually quite thankful. It gave me a moment more to mentally prepare. I was about to talk to Grant Cardone One on One, and get advice directly from him. This was huge. Outside of this promotion he has done a couple of times, as a value add to lifetime CardoneU, you would be paying top dollar for a one-on-one. It would still be worth it.

10:30am CST
Grant Cardone: "So Lance, what are we talking about today?"

It had begun…

I talked to him first about what I do. I write blogs, I’m a part of your affiliate program, I do content creation, and various other things. I wanted to know what I should do with my passions.

Grant Cardone: "How'd you do with the affiliate program?"
Lance: "I started it in October (2016) and that quarter I didn't make but just $189. Then first quarter I made about $2597.
Grant: "Understand, you're up 12X's over the last quarter. One thing I want to remind you, 'Make sure you acknowledge when you're winning', This is a mistake I make a lot. That I don't take time to acknowledge that I'm winning. If you don't, then you're not going to pay attention. 'Success Wants Attention'..."

Acknowledge When You’re Winning

I wasn’t doing this. The fact that I was up 12X’s is a huge win. Understand this, shows that I can now scale it. I was putting about $300 into Facebook advertisement first quarter 2017, as well as doing a lot posting through Twitter, and Instagram, and engaging with people. That small investment in the first quarter brought me huge win.

Grants advice: Spend all of it. If $300 made you $2597 the first quarter, then think about what kind of return $2597 would bring?

“How much do you have in the bank?” came up in the conversation of course. It came up that I’m already broke, so why not just go all in? That’s a good question.

Two Things I Need To Do

  1. Increase spending on Facebook advertisement.
  2. Pick a product or products that have Volume & Margin.

His product’s offer a lot of volume, and he has products that have some great margin. I just need to start focusing more on those two things to make this a real success.

Additional Advice & Quotes

Network Marketing

Grant suggest I need to get into network marketing. The purpose of it would be to get around like minded people. If you could attend a networking conference like the 10X Growth Con, how much value would that add to you? Probably a lot! The energy of thousands of like-minded individuals in one room, networking, connecting, exchanging information, learning from each other. I can see the value in being a part of that. I may look into that option further, I’ve just never found a network marketing company whose products I really wanted to sell or talk about.

“Without a target, you will get nowhere”

Grant: “You need to set a target, and stop at nothing until you achieve it.”

“Why are you running scared?” — Grant Cardone

Addendum: Something interesting that I thought of, so I went back and made an addition in to the blog, is that I’ve heard this advice before from him. In his books, in his webinars, at the 10X Growth Con. There’s something different though hearing it from him, directed right at you personally. It made realized that it took a one on one to really “hear it.”

What worries me now, is that I know other people Hear what he has to say, but maybe wait to really “HEAR”, unless they meet him. Or unless X, Y, & Z happen first. I think too often we end up waiting for something special, to be told “Yes, you should go do that!” Like we need personal permission from them. Or to validate that what we were doing or thinking was “correct.”

The problem with this, is that it’s wrong to do that. It’s wrong to wait. You should be taking action, figuring it out, going for it, making adjustments, and learning along the journey. We do not need permission from someone successful, to go and do something.

Grant has said “Without a target, you will get nowhere” many times before. Instead of us making excuses, or waiting to hear it from him personally, we should “HEAR” the advice and just act on it. That’s what all the great successful people did. They took action. They didn’t wait to get “permission” or to be “told what to do.”

Thanks Lance for sharing your experience. -GC

P.S. If you are interested in setting up your own meeting with me, you can do so HERE

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