My dream was to be in a rap video…

How often do you hear a 59-year-old white man in a rap video? I don’t know if you’ve heard the new G-Eazy x Carnage song GUALA… it has over 8-million views on YouTube already. I come in the song at 4:03. There is explicit language, just not from me this time.

When you think about rap videos, what do you think about? Bling bling, exotic cars, and making it rain. It’s all about the money in the rap world, just ask Kanye and Jay Z and they’ll tell you. I want to tell you a secret, though, and the rap world may not like me for it.

The dumbest thing you can buy is a big expensive luxury car like my Rolls Royce Wraith. One of the smartest things I did in my life was that I didn’t go and buy some fancy car like so many of these guys do when they get a little bit of money. I didn’t splurge on a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, or Bentley.

I waited… and waited… and waited until I didn’t have to buy one and until it didn’t matter. Once you make enough money to where you can blow 384K and it doesn’t matter, then go get your Rolls Royce. Until then do not waste your money on cars or bling. You guys that are buying $3,000 suits, it’s stupid. You guys who are buying 200K cars, it’s stupid. You need paper. You need net worth, you need passive income, you need flows. You don’t need an exotic car!

Rappers won’t tell you this, but here are 3 things to know in order to get money:

1. Income matters more than expenses.

Get into sales and learn everything you can about it. I hated sales in the beginning, but it gave me the ability to control my income and not be limited. You need to have the ability to make more money every month.

2. Get multiple flows of income, not just one.

This does not mean you need to get a second job. Look for other opportunities where you work now that can make second sales (income) or bonuses. Also I joined network marketing groups as a way to broaden the people I knew and give me another flow.

3. If there is no income don’t invest in it.

Sell your house and buy rental property. I know this sounds crazy, but rent where you live and own what you can rent to others. This will create amazing wealth for you and your family over your lifetime.

The bottom line for most people is that they don’t know how to go out and get money. In the rap video, you’ll hear me say “GO GET THAT MONEY!” but it wasn’t the place for me to give tactical advice on how to get money. You can have anything you want in life if you just learn to sell.

We live on an economic planet and your economy depends upon your ability to sell yourself, your ideas, and your products to the marketplace. When I was 25 years old I got serious about becoming a professional salesman and started studying and training daily. Nobody is born with the ability to sell, you have to educate yourself and then train.

If you’re ready to go get that money, then get started today on my Playbook to Millions. It’s one thing to rap about it, but if you are going to get wealthy you will need some skills. Invest in yourself today, invest in your future, and invest some baby money so you can get big boy money.


Guala Guala,


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