Why You MUST Implement ERP To Your Business – Ben Rife

 Most modern businesses rely on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for their day-to-day business needs. Implementing the right ERP software can improve your productivity, efficiency and decrease cost.  ERP is no longer just for big business, now many small and medium size businesses are implementing ERP to streamline their process, manage invoices and inventory. 

These are top four reasons why you must integrate your ERP software with your modern business phone to boost your productivity. 

1. Expedited process: Modern business phone systems often comes with a soft-phone application that can be used on any device that your ERP runs on. ERP software powered by a modern business phone system makes your communication fast and easy. You can call your vendors from your soft-phone with a single click. This expedites your workflow and makes it easy and fast to communicate with your vendors, clients, and remote workers.
2. Improved analytics and reports: Most ERP systems come with the basic analytics that will help you generate reports. With your ERP integrated with your modern business phone system you can generate detailed reports about your inbound call volume, call duration, average handling time as well as keep track of all call data.   This will help you forecast and improve your hiring and training programs for new employees.
3. Collaboration: ERP without collaboration is almost impossible.  A modern business phone system can add the ability to collaborate and communicate better internally and externally with customers. Modern Business phones that come with screen sharing, video calls, and presence are easy to integrate with most ERP software.  ERP software that is powered by a modern business phone system makes collaboration effortless!
4. Mobility: ERP integrated with the modern business phone system keeps your remote workers connected. As a result, you may hire and support remote workers effectively.  Your remote workers can capture call information in real time which means better engagement for your company.
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