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Different Budgets for Different Bathrooms

Talking about costs is a pretty taboo thing in the residential construction industry. So many contractors lack transparency. I have prided myself in being different in this industry, so I am going to break the rules by discussing the various price points for a bathroom remodel before the “in home consult”.

There are many factors that will affect the costs of a bathroom remodel. Basic construction issues will always arise. Such as repairs, client selections for vanities, tub/shower, tile/stone, adding space and storage, as well as whether or not things need to be moved around. All of this becomes a factor in determining the true cost of a bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Remodel Price Ranges: 

  • Basic level $22,000- $25,000.00 Include low cost plumbing fixtures (type you find in Home Depot, Lowes). At this price range you can have prefabricated cabinets and porcelain tiles. This is a good quality remodel with value porcelain tile in the $2 range and many off the shelf items. Good design and good bones.
  • Mid-Level $25,000- $33,000– This bathroom is outfitted with good quality fixtures usually found at stores like Fergusons. Tile options for walls usually are either porcelain tile or travertine. The vanities can be higher quality prefabricated cabinets or smaller custom vanities. This is truly a beautiful bathroom with high quality materials and craftsmanship.
  • Luxury Level $35,000- $45,000- I love building these bathrooms! Not because we make more money, but because at this price point we build truly majestic bathrooms. Luxury level bathrooms are designed and built to give clients a “in home spa experience.” Imagine a shower with wall jets and ceiling rain showers. Jet tubs with built in heaters are also commonly installed. In many cases, the custom vanities are comparable to a piece of fine furniture. Wall tiles can vary form limestone, marble, granite, or natural stone.

Finish costs:

These items represent what the bathroom will ultimately look like. Bathroom tile can range from a cheap Home Depot special of $ 0.79 per foot to a gorgeous $15 per foot Carrera Marble.

  • Tile costs represent about 10% of the bathroom remodeling cost (Installation not included). Most high quality porcelain tile and deco strip is around $1,500 for a 75 square foot bathroom (typical small 1950’s house).
  • Custom cabinets run about $2,500 for units up to 48” long.
  • Pre-fabricated vanities are approximately $1,200 if constructed with plywood sides.
  • Expect to spend around $2,000.00 in mid-level plumbing fixtures (Kohler).
  • Frameless shower enclosures can range from $1,200- $2700 depending on size and complexity of the installation


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