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Motivate your Team – Russ Whitney

One of the biggest questions entrepreneurs ask me is how to get their teams motivated. Most business owners fail in this are and never get their employees to buy into their vision. If you are not consistently motivating your team, showing them the bigger picture or showing them how they are helping the overall goal then you will fail them. As a business owner it is your duty to make sure that you recognize your teams talents and help them improve daily. The employees attitude stems from the top. If you are not motivated your team wont be. If your are not positive, committed, excited then your team will follow that same lead. Lead by example and you will succeed. Show that your willing to do whatever it takes for your business and the people the support you. Not everyone is motivated my money. I have found a lot of people are motivated by recognition. Take the time and show your team that you care. Make this a standard.

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