Money Rules: Your Choices, Your Future With Nobby Kleinman

MONEY & OURSOURCING… People have been programmed from an early age to be poor. They have been shown how to sign up for all the necessities in life and go out, get a job, sign up for those necessities and pay for them forever.

Think about electricity, phone, water, all those commodities which would make life difficult to live without.

But where in school did they teach about creating wealth let alone an income? Where did they teach about even getting a job let alone the right job for the person? Where did they teach about commitments?

So many kids get through school, and it’s only as they get older, they start to get an idea of what they would like to do once they finish.

Once they start working, they are on the treadmill. They are even told they should contribute from an early age to a retirement fund.

Although I don’t disagree with long term savings and the value of compound interest, I can guarantee how much easier their life will ALWAYS be without carrying any, or just having small amounts of debt.
As a financial planner I was always asked one question more often than any other, and that led me to develop the world’s foremost money management program especially for women.
This gives you the basic picture …..

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