How many people say, “Money won’t make you happy”? How would they know? If I have never traveled to Venice, and I told you traveling to Venice isn’t anything special, would you take my word? If I’ve never traveled to Venice, what business do I have of telling others about the place? Why do people who have middle-class assets at best give others advice about having riches? I’ll tell you that not having money won’t make you happy either.

You can be rich.

There’s no reason why you can’t be. You need do stop looking at your net worth and start looking at how you can add worth. Those of you who don’t have your net worth right, you don’t have prosperity yet—something is wrong in your approach to finances. You cannot live on 5K a month—that is not living—that is basic scraps for survival. Most of us were taught that we can’t be rich, but you can and should be. I tell my daughters this.

It’s your obligation to have so much money you can make a difference. People talk about how you can work from home for an extra $500 a month. Look, it’s not even worth doing something if you are just going for $500—you need to be thinking $50,000.

If you grew up in inner city Baltimore or somewhere in the hood you can still be rich. I didn’t grow up rich. My life didn’t change until I made a decision to be rich. I knew I could be rich because there are so many people that are rich. The money is out there, the fact that you don’t have it is the problem.

How happy are you with your financial condition? Never let anyone tell you money won’t make you happy, especially when they make $50K. Get happy.

Here are 3 tips to help you get there:

1. Dedicate Yourself to Being Great
You will find happiness in areas where you are unbelievably great so dedicate yourself to the development of your talents, skills, and abilities. I promise you when you have more confidence and create more success, you will have an increase in happiness. Most people are not happy because they are only spectators, not committed players. If you aren’t happy in the area of finances in your life, it’s because you aren’t great at it. Get great at making money.

2. You Are In Charge
No one is responsible to create your happiness but you—not your kids, your family, your work, your community, and certainly not the government. You are happy to the degree you take responsibility for your own happiness. You are the one that can decide to create happiness for yourself.

Money will not create itself and put itself in your accounts. You are in charge of it. You are in charge of creating it.

3. It’s NOT About “Feeling Good”
Many people go through life complaining that they aren’t happy and, instead, look to things that make them “feel good” temporarily. As a younger man, I was always doing what made me feel good for a moment but unhappy for any longer duration of time. To get your money right you will have to pay the price now so you can pay any price tomorrow. Let others take it easy—you need to do what others refuse to do.

Here’s what I want you to do—take areas of your life and measure your happiness in that area on a scale from 1-100. Marriage, finances, business, income, kids, spiritual, physical—rate each one. You don’t need to have a 100 to be happy; 90 and above is fine for me. Anytime you are struggling in some area of your life, stop and ask yourself; where am I on a scale from 1- 100? If your response is below 90, then ask yourself, what can you do to increase your happiness in that area to over 90?

Where are you on happiness in regard to your finances? If you are below a 90, then there is a problem. Dedicate yourself to being great, take responsibility for your money, and don’t just pursue temporary “feel good” things. Instead, use your time effectively. Money can make you happier. I’m a hecto-millionaire and I much prefer having money than when I was just getting by.

If you want more money but don’t know where to start, enroll in the Playbook to Millions today. It has all the tools you need to get your financial house in order. Believe me, if I could get rich, you can too. Get money and get happy.

Be great,