Why You Miss Leads – Pro Service Finder

By Ryan Troyer

Here are the top reasons why service professionals are losing leads.  Contractors and service professionals don’t create content. You want people to know your brand and what you do. If you own a service based business, ask yourself. How often are you posting? What content are you creating? Do you do live videos on site? How are your reviews? What marketing are you doing? Word of mouth alone won’t get your schedule jam packed of jobs. The fact of it is that you need to spend money to get a nice size client list. Take that one crew you have working and multiple it.

Pro Service Finder was created to work specifically with contractors and service professionals to get more leads and increase job intake. Sure, your current marketing might work and get clients, but at what cost per client? Wouldn’t you want to know that it costs $37 to secure a job and customer? Pro Service Finder can get you leads and grow your business. Contractors complain that they don’t want to spend $10, $20, $30 or $60 for a lead, but they likely already spend more for a client. What if you’re the only one getting the lead? That is what we offer at Pro Service Finder. You won’t compete with 5 other service professionals for one job on our platform. If a lead costs $60 for a $10,000 project, why wouldn’t you go for it? Don’t think Pro Service Finder can get you more business? Try it free for 30 days and you decide

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