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In this episode Dieter talks about the 5 mindset mistakes most of us make and how to finally succeed when it comes to writing and publishing books. Learn about the one culprit that keeps over 70% of people stuck in self-defeating mental patterns – and what to do to overcome it. Trevor also gets first-hand knowledge what it takes and what it’s like to go on a 2-man skiing expedition in Antarctica and what insights Dieter brought back from there that can help elevate your mindset and bottom-line.

As the founder and CEO of, Dieter and his team help entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners gain authority and expert status in their industry through our innovative “done with you” book publishing services. As a 3-time international #1 bestselling author, speaker and consultant Dieter knows how important it is to leverage your expertise, get it out of your head and onto paper. Dieter also specializes in monetizing your expertise by creating high value online information products and the integrated marketing and customer relation solutions you need to multiply your revenue while you sleep!

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