Millionaire Dollar Blog Interview w/Natasha Courtenay-Smith

Book: The Million Dollar Blog
Purpose: The Million Dollar Blog and the general talking points are about content to drive and build a business and build a personal brand.
– Grant, can we talk about massive action. In your book 10 x you say how once you set your goal to become ‘Omnipresent’ you did the following: ‘We started using Youtube and flickr to provide motivational videos, sales tips and business strategies to our clients. I personally recorded more than 200 videos, wrote 150 blogs and articles, did 700 radio interviews in 18 months. I wrote more than 2000 posts on Facebook, Twitter and linked in…. And the result was my business blew up on every front.’ This is probably one of the most memorable paragraphs I have EVER read in any book about success because it really spells out the effort and drive needed to be omnipresent. Can we talk about that period, when was it, did you realise content creation would have the impact it did, how did you fit in the writing posts, did you have a long term goal or mission, did you ever feel like it wasn’t working. Was the idea then to build your own personal brand or build your business – or did you always realise you could and would do both?
– Now you create so much content in terms of blog posts, videos, social media, grant rants etc. So how important is the content that you create to your success? What would happen if you stopped creating it in terms of your personal brand and your businesses?
– You say in 10x rule that in your goal to get 6 billion people known about you, you decided to make a major push using social media to have people around the world become acquainted with your name, but you didn’t know how to do any of at that point. What do you know about social media today and the benefits it has. Where would you be without it?
– In terms of all the content that you create, what works the best for you and why? Do you see different results from different platforms, ie from the written content on the blog or video on youtube and why? Is it important for businesses or personal brands to be all over all of it in the way you (ie your own websites and social).
– Can we talk about Youtube as you are putting in a lot here in terms of your own videos and whateverittakes network. What’s the opportunity on Youtube that you see for your own businesses and personal brand?
– Can we talk about authenticity and your personal brand. Your style of writing, talking and being is so honest and blunt and forthright and also entertaining. I guess it is exactly how you are? Is being authentic important and why?
– There will be lots of people who look at you and think they would love to be as successful and omnipresent as you – but are scared about stepping up and make excuses as to why they can’t do it. What would your advice be to them? What will happen to businesses/people who want to become known if they don’t put effort in to standing out and being seen?

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