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How Real Estate Made Me a Millionaire by 30 – Real Estate Investing Made Simple with Grant Cardone

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How Real Estate Made Me a Millionaire by 30:
You don’t need to know anything about real estate to make huge money in real estate. he’s busy working at his job—he can’t have his attention, time, and energy on two masters. Jarrod doesn’t know any of the details in how to do a real estate deal, but he’s made big money fast IN real estate.

3 things you need to remember to become a millionaire from Jarrod:

#1 Income is key. This is the fuel to your car. You can’t get rich without feeding investments. Income gets you in the game.
#2 Commitment long-term. Over time is how real estate works.
#3 Mitigate risk. The stock market is a casino and you want your money where it will not only give you cash flow, it will mitigate your risks!

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