The Middle Class Is Bullshit

The Middle Class Is Bullshit

I don’t care what your parents, your teachers or the media told you while you were growing up. I’m going to give it to you straight: The middle class is no longer a safe haven or the desirable destination it once was. The middle class of the 21st century should be avoided like a death sentence.

In fact, the middle class is a bullsh*t myth. Politicians, the media and your educators refuse to tell you the truth about the middle class because they know you would revolt in the streets.

You don’t have to look very far to see people barely making it, suffering and hopeless. If you need facts beyond simply observing your surroundings, consider that in the wealthiest country in the world, 76 percent of all Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck and 29 percent of all workers have less than $1000 saved.

The median income in America has come down from $56,000 to $51,000 over the last 15 years. Graduates of the class of 2014 are the most indebted class ever.

Every week, I get calls, tweets and emails from people who are concerned about their financial futures. People tell me, “I did everything they told me to do; I went to college, invested in my 401(k), bought a home and I can still barely make ends meet.”

Millions graduate from college with huge debts, unable to land the jobs they studied to get, and some are forced to move back in with their parents.

The middle class is failing in this country because its basic premise is built on bullsh*t; it’s a lie. Regardless of your actual finances, you are considered middle class when you have a job, education, a home you never own, two cars, a smartphone and computer, and you work 35 hours a week with one vacation per year.

So, you may very well be broke, but you are still considered middle class. How crazy is that? The middle class is basically an acknowledgment that you have made it when you haven’t at all. Most can’t handle the truth, but here it is:

  1. You are either rich or you are poor.
  2. A 40-hour workweek is for slaves; you’ll work double that for freedom.
  3. Life isn’t fair and economies are even less so.
  4. Success will not depend on your education, but on your actions.
  5. The world doesn’t care if you succeed or fail.
  6. You’re owed nothing, deserve nothing and are entitled to nothing.
  7. You will have to learn how to sell, no matter how much you hate it.
  8. You won’t get what you deserve. You’ll get what you negotiate.
  9. You don’t get paid to do what you love; you get paid to do what others won’t.
  10. You will be underpaid for most of your career, until you aren’t, and then you will be paid so much you’ll know it was all worth it.

The first step to claiming financial freedom is to understand the truth. You need money and you need a lot of it. If you think “money isn’t everything,” or “not everything is about money,” you are under the spell of the middle class.

Poor people don’t talk about money as though it’s not important — the middle class does. Regardless of your purpose or mission in life, you need money, and the more philanthropic your mission, the more money you will need.

To make real progress in any area of life, you have to know the truth about where you are. Don’t get seduced into settling for some classification when the reality is the middle class earns too little, saves almost nothing and will live longer than their money.

The truth will set you free and lies keep you trapped. This is why the middle class is failing. It is based on lies, not truths. Take any situation, and when you correctly label it for what it really is, you will start to see solutions.

Get out of the middle class! Run as fast as you can and don’t stop until your financial situation no longer needs to be classified to make you feel good.

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  • Southbaysteve

    HOLY CRAP!! That’s the truth and it stings a little. I am going to share this across my social networks because it makes more sense than 20 years of justifying my “above average” income not meeting my financial goals. NO ONE gave me a break (except The Lord Himself). No one owes you anything except respect for being alive.What you do with that gift (ability to work, give to others, an operational brain, ability to negotiate, empathy and cognizance) is completely up to you.

    • Grant Cardone

      share it – some will hate and some will get it

  • I just woke up out of this fairy tale story called “The Middle Class.”

    • Grant Cardone


  • Its one thing to realize that “the middle class sucks.” Its another thing to take 10x action inorder to do something about it to take control of your financial situation. Everyone has the choice for a chance to change their circumstances and it all comes down to decisions. It’s all about being open minded, going against the crowd, taking advantage of the opportunity of where one honestly see true value and potential growth on a global standpoint!!!!

  • I love how you broke down the individual lies wrapped up in the Middle Class notion of deceit. My favorite is that you are underpaid your whole career until you aren’t, and then it’s worth it. I left a so-called 40 hour work week job to be self-employed, making less than the career path gave me but enjoying limitless freedom. You can put a price tag on your mental health. Now I work more hours but find so much more satisfaction. That’s the other side of the Middle-Class bait-and-switch. You go to school to learn all this stuff that ties you into a job or career where you have little choices and even less peace. Most people stay there out of fear of not being able to provide for themselves and family. But that’s a lie too. Well done here Grant. Thanks for the constant inspiration. 10X all the way!

    • Don’t settle for less man, time to 10X so your income can match your level of freedom!

  • Mitul Bhatia

    Hi Grant,

    This article is surely true, amazingly straight forward. and has helped me to stay motivated to get rich and improve my skills to earn more and also get more matured in terms of finance

    Thanks a ton

  • Pixyst

    What you say is true on an individual level, but you fail to address the fact that this state of affairs did not just come into being by itself. It was intentionally brought about by specific individuals. That class of individuals are enemies of the collective and should be regarded and treated as such.

  • Thats garbage, so specific individual can keep down a man or women. The working class can become the master class when they decide to think and act in a certain way. People love to blame politicians, but they have made this county what it is, and no government makes the economy the people do. Entrepreneurs and business owners are the ones, and as far as this article is concerned it’s spot on. Love it, because it’s 100% truth. Thanks for this!!! More people need to eradicate the human behavior of relaxing, they should be so busy that they don’t have to time to worry or get scared. Thanks again!

  • Awesome check out for more!

  • cecio

    Love it!!! Let the haters hate baby!!! While I walk around with the big watch and designer suits!

  • It may hurt but it’s true. It’s amazing how many people don’t realize they’re poor and continue to perpetuate the situation with the lies they tell themselves and others. The hardest part of it is that most people don’t realize the middle class “philosophies” are a lie. Most people are good people but have been brainwashed into believing in these lies. It’s tough now-a-days, even more than years past, to operate with people around you who think these lies are true. But that’s no reason to give up! We must keep working, in fact even harder to break through the lies.