Michael Gluck & Grant Cardone Power Players

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Michael Gluck used $5000 in savings and turned it into a 20 million dollar business. @Gluckit is interviewed by GrantCardone on PowerPlayers. Gluck from an early age knew problems were opportunities to make money. In this episode of Power Players Michael shares his story about he turned an internship at Electronic Arts into a full time position then. Michael talks about how to see opportunities, branding, big ideas, how to make money out of problems, technology, gaming, World of WarCraft, Electronic Arts, entrepreneurship, research studies, making money in college, internships, being a millionaire.

Gluck, 31 has already taken on other entrepreneurial ventures, offers wisdom beyond his years and shares his strong business values of friendships, kindness and growing relationships. Grant and Gluck engage in a great conversation about the entrepreneurial mindset, and how successful people get to decision makers, how to make yourself known, and how to blow up with success by coming to the table with real solutions.

  • Robert

    This interview was so impacting. Who would’ve known, that an air conditioning company owner like my self would be learning way more from other Industries than in my own line of work. What i learn today from you guys is going to help me so much in my business. Amazing, keep up the great work GC.

    • Grant Cardone

      awseome – thanks for watching

  • MorBagshaw

    All of the Power Player interviews have been great but this one absolutely stands apart. That interview was a GIFT!

    • Grant Cardone

      what did you learn?

      • MorBagshaw

        It’s not so much what I learned so much as hearing someone vocalize a very real truth. Rarely do people talk about the ROI of being a good person and developing relationships within their careers.

  • Desmond Schinkel

    Grant cardone you and your amazing wife and amazing hustler Jarrod Glandt all inspire me to do more, be more and achieve 10x succes! Be great because nothing else pays 😉

    • Grant Cardone

      thks for watching…

  • DavidAdams

    so incredible! This Power Players show is priceless!

    • Grant Cardone

      thanks fro watching share with your pepes

  • Ryan Wickes

    So inspired right now!