The Most Successful Entrepreneur in Medicine - Dr. David C. Karli | Grant Cardone TV
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The Most Successful Entrepreneur in Medicine – Dr. David C. Karli

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Who is David Karli and Why Do You Need to Know him:
David Karli is a physician, entrepreneur and biomedical thought leader. He is the CEO and owner of Greyledge Technologies, an emerging biotechnology company focused on developing stem cell and biologic therapies. He has been active in developing stem cell science both scientifically and clinically since 2005, personally involved in treating thousands of patients to date, including numerous elite-level and professional athletes. In addition, he maintains executive and consulting roles within the biotech, sports medicine, fitness, age management and wellness business sectors. He continues to lead the effort required to refine the practice of regenerative medicine, and has published pivotal clinical results and lectured extensively. Dr. Karli has been featured in high-level media publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, ESPN Magazine and Denver Magazine.
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Public demand for emerging biomedical technologies is higher than ever. Patients, investors and philanthropic supporters find themselves in unfamiliar territory, now as consumers of cutting edge medical options which require diligence and careful consideration. There is little direction and sound resources for the patient consumer to understand the what, where and who(?) regarding investments of time, money and risk in fields like regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies, age management medicine, nutrition and supplementation and genetic testing. The piece will introduce Dr. David Karli, who has had unique and intensive exposure to these emerging medical and scientific fields. Is tomorrow’s medicine here today? Is modern med-tech hope or hype?

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