Week of May 2nd, 2016

Whatever it Takes Episode 5 premiered on Friday are you keeping track stay up to date and subscribe to the best online digital show out there right now. Grant Cardone’s Ultimate Job Interview.
Episode 6 will air this Friday at 10PM.

Network Marketing Expert Anthony Powells show the rise just released its promo trailer for what to expect, everything bout network marketing, how to increase your sign ups, and increase your income to true financial freedom check out his new show at grantcardonetv.com/therise coming soon.

Grant Cardone dropped the Cardone zone on Friday all about increasing your income. The Take responsibility for your finances—it’s on you. Set a target and start doing the math. Operate with urgency. Money don’t care how old you are. You MUST learn how to sell.

David Frangioni and I sat down to discuss ethics, how to add value and how to sustain your business over the long term on thursday, aerosmiths right hand man laid it down from another remote location! Subscribe to his show for everything business, ad the music industry. https://grantcardonetv.com/yourrockstarbusiness

Jarrod Glandt and Grant Cardone sat down on Young Hustlers this week to tighten up your pitch literally water tight pitch here are the best tips from the episode if you missed it you can catch it on grantcardonetv.com/younghustlers.

Get attention, and then don’t lose control of your pitch.
1.Sell the problem
2.Sell your product
3.Sell yourself

Stay up to date with Steve kalyjian the stock market guru from NYC dropping bombs about when to invest how to know the stock market and use it to your advantage you can check out his show on grantcardonetv.com/marketmaker.

Dre all day baldwin is back I ask myself every week how does this guy know so much from branding tips for storage companies and mortgage lenders, subscribe to his channel he has it all grantcardonetv.com/dreallday.

The water pitch submission is over now is the time to vote on your best pitches that you love. You can se hundreds of pitches at https://grantcardonetv.com/perfectpitch.

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