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5 ways a modern business phone system can maximize your marketing campaign

Currently, modern business phones come with numerous features that can enhance your marketing campaign.  The following are the best examples of how to leverage your business phone system to enhance your marketing efforts.

  1. Vanity Number: A vanity number provides you with a memorable phone number specifically designed for your marketing campaign.  An 800 number is easy to remember and free for your customers therefore it makes your campaign easily accessible.

  1. Call Tracking: Call tracking is different than caller ID.  Without a call tracking strategy, you have no way of knowing how the customer discovered your business. It’s vital to retrieve metrics that distinguish which marketing campaigns are most effective from those that are a waste of resources and time. Most modern business phone systems are flexible enough to assign unique numbers to each individual marketing campaign with just one click. For example, you may have noticed some identical magazine or billboard ads that have different phone numbers displayed. This is not a typo, but it is a marketing strategy to identify which strategy is most effective. You can easily tell where they saw the ad when you receive calls. This will help you identify the effective marketing campaign.

  1. Auto Attendant: An Auto Attendant is not the only way you can route calls to their proper department. Many companies are adding short advertisements and promotions to their auto attendant greeting system to promote their products or services.

While a customer is on hold, they are a captive audience. This is a great opportunity to promote your products and services. When the right advertisement is used in auto attendant system, people who call for technical support or billing end up buying more product and services.

  1. Hunt Group: A Hunt Group allows you set up as many employees as you would like to be able to receive inbound calls from a single phone number. Your 800 number, for example, which is dedicated to a specific marketing campaign, can be configured to ring a dedicated group of employees specifically assigned to your specific marketing campaign.  This helps you to distribute calls to the correct department.

  1. Call recording and data: Call recording and call flow data reports give you the means to analyze the success of your marketing strategies. It provides you the ability to listen to the recording of any call, and evaluate the performance of your sales agents. You also have insight into your average handling time, call duration, frequency of call backs, etc. This data will give you the best insight to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing campaign.

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