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Mark Ramsey & Grant Cardone

In this Show

Mark is a veteran media strategist, researcher, and trend-maker, has worked with some of the biggest media, publishing and digital brands over his career. These include Apple, iHearMedia (Clear Channel), Pandora, CBS, Sirius XM, EA Sports and more! He has authored two radio industry bestsellers, Making Waves: Radio on the Verge and Fresh Air: Marketing Gurus on Radio.

What makes Mark Ramsey so unique is that he began his entrepreneurial life at the age of 48!

Grant Cardone and Mark Ramsey discuss a bit of the history and nature of the radio space versus online and television. They go into detail about how there isn’t a lack of tools available to the future media moguls, but a lack of strategy. Knowing how to choose your media platform, research your audience, and addressing our own shortcomings to turn them into opportunities.

Grant’s Takeaway:
1. Recognize your platform
2. Never too old to start
3. Don’t invent your own limitations
4. Audio can be taken anywhere

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