Markets Setting Up for Another Push Up

I stated that I was looking for a decline of about 150-250 points and we got it. I was looking for the s&p to pull into the 2078-2088 area today’s low was 2085.25, then closing at 2097. There still is a chance we get 1 more push down but the pattern on the daily charts are close to getting oversold for another push up. I like stocks like HD, SBUX, DIS, QQQ, SMH SSO. I think the next push up will make new highs and that the Nasdaq will lead the way! Either way, if I was a long term investor, I would look to sell into any rally even if we go to new highs. Oil is in a range and I do not see any great patterns as of right now. Gold is in a negative trend and I see now clear patterns right now.

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