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There’s one for sure way to make sure more customers reach you, your brand, and your website: Search Engine Optimization. You might know it as SEO.


If you and your company has the money for it, then you can hire an agency to improve your SEO. We do it for companies all the time.


But if you’re a small business or a starting out entrepreneur, then you might not have the means to hire the kind of research, programming skill, and writing that is needed to make sure people come to your website and to make sure they stay and purchase once they’re there.


So we decided to give you some tips on how you can take your SEO into your own hands and do what you can to improve your content and, in result, improve your SEO. And we give you our advice on how to make sure they buy as well.

Keywords are the kinds of things people will search for when they need your kinds of products or services. Make sure you organically include these words in your website. Write blog posts or articles that talk about these keywords as well. Search engines, like Google, will read this content and make your website show up higher on the search engine result lists when people search for those words.


If you have any programming skills, or know anyone who can help you get there, enter into the meta-data section of your website and update. Make sure the titles of your website, and descriptions that show up when people find you on Google, use these words.


It’s not enough for people to find your website, they have to be convinced by it too. Talk to your potential customers, your target audience, and learn what they want, what they look for. Make sure your website makes it easy for customers to make decisions and buy. This is what it means to optimize.


If you are looking for registrations, subscriptions, purchases, whatever it is. Make it convincing so that they want to be involved. And make it clear how they can make it to that point. How else do you expect your customers to do what you want if you don’t lead them to it?


If you’re looking for an agency that takes it off your hands and does it all for you? We’d love to help. You can find us, Pixel506, on Facebook (pixel506), Twitter (pixel506), and Instagram (pixel506official). Find more info on how we can help you on our website,


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