Margarita’s & Mastermind Retreats

Everett O’Keefe shares (while sipping a margarita) how you can accomplish more in a year, than in a lifetime with the power of a Mastermind. Wearing ridiculous blue and orange outfit, 2 wigs and straw hats, Trevor Crane interviews Everett about the deep emotional bonding that happens during a Mastermind Retreat, and how they improve the power and effectiveness of a mastermind.
O’Keefe is a five-time international bestselling author and the founder of Mastermind Retreats, in Yosemite, Aspen and now the Dominican Republic.
Everett is a certified Author Expert Marketing Machine Consultant as well as Instant Customer Mastery Consultant who focuses on positioning business professionals as experts in their niche. Everett has personally mentored multiple clients to create and launch their own books and brands. Everett and his team assist their clients in video production, product creation, and product launches so they can magnify their results by focusing on their own areas of expertise.

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