Manage Yourself

You are your biggest obstacle. Despite all the troubles, challenges, or competition you face—you are the biggest problem. People blame their kids, a divorce, the economy, the police, politicians, an accident, a bad break, or any other number of bad, unpredictable things that come in life for why they are where they are. I know that there are difficulties with business, with health, and with finances. That’s planet Earth. But you are the obstacle.

You can pursue whatever it is you want to in life

The way you think determines how you live. No matter the challenge, the solution is you. Why? Because you can manage you. You can control the way you think and act. You can’t manage the guy stealing from you, the employee that let you down, the person who agreed to something and didn’t do it. You can manage how you respond, act, and what do you do as a result of the negative influence.

Do I get let down? Do I get distracted? Of course. But I’ve learned that I can manage myself. Learn to manage you and everything else will be a piece of cake. Drugs kill—so get high on life. Take responsibility for your own happiness and quit looking for short term pleasure. Dedicate yourself to be great at something.

If you think you’ve been given the short end of the stick, consider this: Waking up is your fair shot at today. Your heart is beating and you got air in your lungs. You have 24 hours. That’s fair. You are your only obstacle.

Check out my Playbook to Millions to help motivate and train yourself to get your finances in order. Having money won’t guarantee happiness, but being broke sucks. It’s time to take responsibility for your happiness and success. It’s up to you, but I’m here to help.  Take responsibility for your life today.

Be great,


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