Here are 3 tips to go green, make your economy sustainable, and change your climate:

1. Do an Energy Audit: Earth day is about becoming more energy efficient. People ask me, “where do you get your energy?” The truth is I get 8 hours of sleep each night. I produce a lot of energy because I eat right and take care of my body. The more energy you have the more you can accomplish. Are you in the position of being a source of energy or are you the receiver of it?

Consider where your energy is going, and focus on producing energy into areas that will help your finances.

2. Plant a Contact: Everyone should know the importance of reaping and sowing. In order to start sowing, you must begin planting. There will be no contract without first a contact. Use phone calls, personal visits, mail, e-mails, social media, newsletters, community involvement, magazine writing, taking on a public office, coaching your kid’s soccer team—and so on. Every person you meet will buy something sometime.

The more you plant today the greener YOUR world will be tomorrow.

3. Recycle: Just because someone bought from you once doesn’t mean they won’t need something again in the future. Chances are that you haven’t followed up on leads diligently enough, consistently enough, or long enough. The new business you need is sitting safely away in your files. The fact that you forgot about that lead does not mean that person is no longer potentially in the market for your services.

You’ve already invested time and energy into a customer, so just keep following up because he or she will buy again.

10X is the alternative energy that will power YOUR world and YOUR bank account. It’s not about saving energy—it’s about spending it. While we all pause today to think about how to be eco-friendly and make the earth a little greener, take a moment to also consider your eco-nomy and how you can get more green into your pocket. It’s really your econoME because it’s yours to create.

Check out Cardone University as the one place you can go to learn how to create your own economy, whether you want $100K, $1 million, or $100 million—I have given you the tools you will need to get there.

Be great,