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Make Your Relationship Great Again

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The White House is making some changes, but what’s happening in your house? How can you be great in your relationship? Maybe you used to have a great home but now it’s fallen off, things have gotten stale. What’s opposite of great? Average. Are you having great meals together, taking great vacations together—or are things just so so? 4 Steps to make things great again in your home:

1.Define it—What is a great relationship to you? You must have a target.

2.Make a commitment—This will involve time and resources as all real commitments do.

3.Find out what is needed—This includes what is needed from you and from your spouse.

4.Deliver the goods—After all is said and done, you have to make good on what you say you’re going to do. Talk is cheap, you have to do it.

Great is not time. If you’ve been doing something for 10 years it doesn’t make you great, or even good. If you’ve been married 25 years, it doesn’t mean it’s a great marriage. If you’re not great at the office, you won’t be great in the home.

Deliver at home and at work.