Make Sales Great Again

Congratulations to Donald Trump for validating hard work in the face of impossible obstacles, against all odds, with no experience and only relying on his own self-belief, native instincts and a show up-dominate attitude even when the deck was stacked against him.

At the age of 70, demonstrating unbelievable energy and stamina visiting six cities a day tirelessly, he inspired me—and I expect underdogs around the world. He saw it all the way through despite all the naysayers and finally closing the deal against all odds when all else had counted him out. This is a win for America reminding all of us no dream is too big and no obstacle too high. Trump’s win proves anyone can do anything—including you.

What America voted for yesterday was authenticity. Love him or hate him, Donald was just being Donald. He’s a straight shooter. People like the truth. I know that in the game of sales, authenticity is vital. I’ll be straight with you today and tell you that if don’t get your selling shoes on, you’re going to die. Sales are essential to having success in your life, because everything in life involves sales. Whether it’s selling your company’s product in the boardroom or selling yourself on eating healthy, everything in life can and should be treated as a sale. Knowing the principles of selling is a prerequisite for success of any kind.

If you know nothing about sales, or even if you know just a little, you too can become great in sales. I wasn’t born a great salesman. Nobody is born a great entrepreneur either, despite what Gary Vaynerchuk may tell you. Everything takes training. If you want to be better in sales, you will need to invest in yourself and start training. To be a great gymnast, it takes training. To be a great violinist, it takes training. To close deals, it takes training.

All training requires discipline. If you want to get started with anything new—any kind of new training program—get a daily ritual going. How do you start your day? Do you have a routine? When you think of the word ritual, do you picture a bunch of guys wearing hoodies starting a fire out in the woods? A ritual is really just a sequence of activities. I don’t do a ritual every day because I’m not perfect, but I’m good and win most of the time. I’m happier, have more confidence, and get more energy when I do my ritual. What do I do?

  1. Wake up and beat the sun—Why way until the neighborhood is already up when you can be the first one?
  2. Write your goals down—Journal your future, don’t report your past. You can only write about your mommy and daddy so many times. Your attention needs to be on the future.
  3. Urinate—Personally, I stand.
  4. Workout—This will give you energy for the rest of the day.
  5. Shower—Good hygiene is good for everyone.
  6. Read—Expand your knowledge.
  7. Eat—Give proper fuel to your machine.
  8. Listen to music while driving to work—Listen to stuff that pumps you up.

You don’t have to have this same exact routine but do something that fits you. Don’t wait until you get to work to get your day started. You should know your targets for the day before you get to the office. In a crazy world you can bring normality, prediction, and control by having a ritual. You need to deliver every day and bring it—and having a daily ritual will help you fill your calendar and be more productive.

If you want to start improving in some area of your life, make a daily ritual and have a commitment to train in that area. My staff has a daily ritual of training on Cardone University. They come to work and the watch 6 segments of content before they do anything else. That is a ritual. It’s a commitment to training and becoming great at what you do.

I’m shooting straight with you today—you must get great at sales if you want to get rich. I’m offering a special deal, lifetime access, to those who purchase Cardone University today at $4995. If that weren’t enough, I’m giving 8 of my best ebooks as well. Learn more here.

Make sales great again. Be authentic with yourself and ask if you are truly happy with your financial situation. You can change things. If Donald Trump can be president, it just goes to show you that you can do something amazing too. Your financial campaign must begin with a commitment to make sales great. Begin training today and start your daily ritual.

Be obsessed or be average,


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