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Strategy is great. It’s crucial. You can’t succeed without it.


We all know this. It’s common knowledge. But all too often, the strategy that we are drafting and developing doesn’t go the way we plan when it’s time to execute it. Too often, the reality is very different than the theory.


Strategy must go beyond theory.

That’s where customer journey maps come into play. It’s a piece of tangible strategy.


Let me repeat that: tangible strategy.


Doesn’t that sound great? Who wouldn’t love to be able to pick up their strategy, play around with it, test it out, manipulate it into the best strategy for your company and your target audience?


Customer journey maps (or user journey maps) let us know what needs to happen in order to actually execute our strategy. It is a way to fill in the gaps. It’s a way to see the flow and direct it where we want it to go.


It makes your strategy real.

The first thing we do with new clients, websites, products, or projects, is map it out. Our clients come to us with complaints of how they’ve wasted so much money and time with other agencies. We avoid that by mapping it out, by taking our strategy to the next, tangible level.


And in the end, the execution is so much smoother because we’ve already visualized it. We’ve already seen the potential problems and solved them before they could happen. We’ve eliminated most of the hurdles before we got to them.


Strategizing is great, but make sure you are strategizing in the most useful and effective way. That’s what we do.

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Strategy Takeaways:

  1. Strategy needs to be more than just a theory.
  2. Customer journey maps make your strategy tangible and real.
  3. They let you predict and solve problems before they happen.
  4. They make strategy execution efficient and smooth.
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