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Luke Murphy and Grant Cardone

In this Show

Every week on Power Players Grant Cardone shares with you someone who has gotten themselves, their family and their business into a place of power. This week Grant is interviewing Luke Murphy, the author of Blasted by Adversity.

Grant has never interviewed someone who has been through what Luke has been through.

Luke Murphy is a South Floridian who was raised by a Marine with three brothers. His father taught him at an early age, “No risk, no reward,” and that you can’t get what you don’t go after.

At 10 he watched Desert Storm on TV and knew he wanted to go to war for our country. He joined the National Guard at 17 just before 9/11 happened. He went right to active duty in the 101st Airborne Infantry. And he was the Sergeant of his own team in 2003.

“In the military you’ve got what you’ve got. You can’t drop a bad troop; you can’t let a toxic guy go. You have to build them up and get them going.” – Luke Murphy

Listen to the full episode or podcast to hear the rest of Mr. Murphy’s miraculous story and how he overcame having his leg blown off.

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