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How to Love Monday – Grant Rants

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The person that says “I hate Mondays” doesn’t know where they are going, doesn’t know what they are doing.

“I hate Mondays,” oh yes, it doesn’t take much to hear this one at the water-cooler. I hate Mondays really means “I have no clue what I’m going to do this week. I have no clue why I go to work. I have no clue on what my real goals and motivations are.” If you are influenced by your environment, if you believe that you are influenced by your thoughts, understand that all these things you are hearing around you on TV, radio, podcast, your friends, your relatives, at the water-cooler, when you are hearing these little things and you are allowing it in your environment without saying “knock it off.” If you are not going to stand up and say “knock it off, it’s not okay,” you are agreeing with it by allowing it. You are going mutually into an agreement with it by not saying something about it.

“I hate Mondays” means, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Because, look, if you had—if you were going to become worth a billion dollars today. You are going to go to the New York Stock Exchange on Monday morning and they are going to announce your company as a IPO and you are going to become a billionaire today. You are going to change the world today, maybe you are not money motivated, you are going to change the world on Mondays. Would you be walking in saying “I hate Mondays?” If you know something unbelievable was going to happen today, to you, on Monday, Would you really say “I hate Mondays?” If you were going on a vacation of a life time, a world vacation, to the best cities that you ever dreamed of, would you say “I hate Mondays?” No. See, the person that says “I hate Mondays” doesn’t know where they are going, doesn’t know what they are doing and they don’t know what they are going to do while they are at work today.

Get your game together, get your head together and quick allowing people to talk like this in your environment. Because they are making you hate Mondays.

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