How to Look for Opportunity

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Don’t look for an industry, look for the opportunity. Opportunity is a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. The middle class looks for jobs to solve their problems. You want to have problems. People at MIT and Harvard don’t even know what opportunity means, they are looking for a job.

Here are 4 tips today to find your opportunity:

1. Look for opportunity: before you can see opportunity you have to look.

2. Be willing to read and research—you won’t find opportunity without knowledge.

3. You have to go for it: you have to leave where you are comfortable.

4. Make contacts: everything you want, somebody else has it.

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    Hey Uncle G! Good to see ya today!

  • James Riggs

    ​Grant, I started watching you two weeks ago. I’ve been a complete loser. How do I start from nothing with no job in sales or record with success?

    • cardone u .. everything you need