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Liz Nierzwicki- Mid-Day Stress Reliever Episode #7 – 5 Enemies of the Mind

In this Show


“Spiritual Reset” w/ Liz Nierzwicki

Join the worlds largest mid-day “stress relieving” movement hosted by Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Transformational Coach, Liz Nierzwicki.

Set a reminder on your phone, and join Liz weekdays at 12:00 EASTERN to HIT PAUSE, stop the stress creeping into your mind and body, and RESET YOUR ENERGY.

In sessions lasting aprox 15 minutes, you will align back to your natural state of INNER PEACE, feel more centered, focused, and ready to take in the rest of your day.

This movement created by health and wellness expert Liz Nierzwicki is quickly taking our stressed out world by storm and giving people the guidance he need, tools to practice, and the permission to take a peaceful moment in their day to STOP DROP & MEDITATE with a yoga guru.

For more about Liz Nierzwicki, head to and sign up for her #livealigned Newsletter that will drop soul soothing tips right into your inbox weekly.

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