LinkedIn Strategies: How To Build High Level Relationships With Hard To Reach Executives

Nathan Kievman shares his inside-secrets about how you can use LinkedIn to build phenomenal relationships with your ideal target client. Nate is one of the most sought after Direct Social Response & LinkedIn Strategists in the world. He has created over $200 Million in new revenue for his clients in the last 4 years. If you want streamline and simplify your marketing, if you want to: Find your Market, Build Authority & Close More Business using LinkedIn – then this is the show for you! Nathan Kievman brings a no nonsense business approach to digital and social strategies. His company, Linked Strategies is a consulting firm that specializes in measurable LinkedIn Client & Talent Acquisition Campaigns, helping companies from around the world find the fastest path to their target market today. His company specializes in using LinkedIn and other digital platforms to deliver their clients a steady stream of highly targeted and pre-qualified appointments with top executives, CEOs, VPs, thought leaders and other key decision makers who are typically hard to reach.
Serving more than 250 clients over the past several years, Linked Strategies has helped its clients generate thousands of inbound appointments with entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives from start-ups to large companies such as Sony, Adobe, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Ogilvy, SAP, Cisco, HP, LinkedIn, Verizon, Facebook, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and thousands of others.

Nathan’s company tends to work best for companies and individuals who:
have a unique and compelling offer
are in the business to business market
are clear on who their target market is
are selling a high-ticket item that requires a relationship with a key decision maker

The bottom line… Linked Strategies provides you access to either a highly targeted few, or up to thousands of new prospects, high caliber talent, investor relationships or media opportunities in as little as 30 to 60 days, guaranteed.

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