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Lewis Howes & Grant Cardone Power Players

In this Show

Grant Cardone interviews Power Player: Lewis Howes, Expert Webinar Master.

Not too long ago Lewis Howes was lost and wondering what he could do other than athletics. After getting injured playing arena football he needed a Plan B and fast! He went from crashing on his sisters sofa with no income to becoming an expert in creating powerful LinkedIn profiles that got attention then dove into webinars and ultimately started training people how to conduct successful and profitable webinars. He created a seven-figure business doing this and credits his early years first in private boarding school where he saw how he thrived in a disciplined environment and craved structure.

He speaks to Grant about how he looked to his assets, knew he would use his discipline to outwork everyone and why mastering one thing to get to another is so important. Lewis Howes is relatable and inspiring because he went through ups and downs and battled back with a stop at nothing work ethic.

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