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Lessons Learned in 2015

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On today’s episode, Elena does double duty covering for Grant who wasn’t able to join her in-studio. A true example of how the Cardone partnership works as one covers for the other as needed. With 2016 just around the corner, Elena takes time to reflect on the past year and what she will take-away from 2015.

Here are just a few of the points that Elena discusses about what she learned in 2015:
1. You are a product of your environment
2. You get what you put out
3. Finding happiness truly comes from within
4. A smile to a stranger won’t kill you
5. Never depend on anyone but yourself—don’t chase the dangling carrot
6. Agreeing with people even when you disagree isn’t always a horrible thing
7. Never disrespect the beliefs of others

Elena also shares a personal story about her family Christmas and shows her vulnerable side when she discusses how important her family is in her life–from her parents to Grant and her own two children. And although he wasn’t by her side physically, Grant calls in and thanks Elena for all that she does in an emotional tribute to his wife. This the perfect ending to 2015 for The G & E Show.