Lauren Rebstock – La Boujee Boutique

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While her store has only been online since May 1, Lauren feels her large customer base has embraced the new concept in shopping. “They love the one-stop shop experience of being able to buy a whole outfit at once. It’ll be shipped to you in the next 2-3 days and now you have an entire look. We do casual to chic, we accessorize. I have a whole new shoe line, so top to bottom you are ready. It sets us apart from a standard storefront.”

“My Pop always told me that in life, if I could be my own boss, that’s how I was going to be successful and happy,” Lauren recalls. “That’s always the advice he gave me. Be your own boss. With La Boujee, I found that. I love the feeling of independence. It’s empowering. It’s freedom!”

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